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How To Clone Sim Card | Sim Card Cloning

How To Clone Sim Card | Sim Card Cloning

1- Install the Softwares , Get the Original SIM: here, you should install all the softwares mentioned above on your PC, plug the SIM card reader to your PC with the original SIM card in it. We are now preparing to extract the information needed from the original SIM.

2- Configure the Softwares or Leave Defaults:
depending on the software you are using, you may need to configure the parameters on the software however, most softwares come with default configuration suitable for the work.

3- i, Run IMSI Search on the SIM: remember, we say the KI and IMSI are important factors needed for every SIM cloning operation. You should now run MSI search on the SIM .
When the resulted is presented to you, note down the result. We will use it later here.
ii, Run ICC Search: shortly after that, run the ICC search and also note the values down, too.
You should write the ICC number down as exactly presented.
iii, Run the KI Search: this may take some time, just stick to it.
Once the result is presented to you, note that down as well.
Now, we are done with the original SIM and it can now be returned.

4- Run SIM-EMU: SIM EMU is a free software for writing settings on Blank SIM Card. The download link is already given above.
Or, if you have another SIM card writer program, you may use it.
Now insert the blank SIM and wait for the program to detect it.
On SIM-EMU, locate the Configure Tab and click it.
From there, you will see the option to enter the information gathered in the previous step three above. Simply supply the IMSI, KI and ICC copied from the original SIM in the appropriate field provided.
You may leave the rest of the info as default, if the
program sets default values for them.
Meanwhile, in the case of the phone number, it should be in the international format. For India 🇮🇳 it should look like this; +91(888 888 8888)

5- You Can Now Write the Data: select the Write To Disk button and Name the file something like
Wait until the writing operation is successful and the confirmation message pops up then, click OK.
By now, another widow should appear. This is where you write EEPROM file.
You may name that as SUPERSIM_EP.HEX and then, click Save button.
Now you should be having two (2) files to be flashed.

6- Flash the Files On Blank SIM: most SIM card writer come with default blank SIM card. Insert the blank SIM in the writer and plug it to the PC.
NOTE: using another Blank SIM apart from the one that came with the writer may spoil the writer and the SIM as well.
I use MobileEDIT writer therefore; I might not be able to give a precise prescription here.
Now Put the required files in the appropriate fields and then; Click Write on Disk .
Wait few minutes until the operations are complete.
All things being equal, if the operation completes successfully, you have just cloned a SIM card.
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