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                  NETFLIX METHOD 2
In this method you need to buy OTP for verfication in Netflix. Because it is a direct debit method. Here we will use Germany’s direct debit payment method.

But you'll watch Netflix India Content & the other countries content with this Netflix Germany account.

So first follow these steps to shop for Germany number for Netflix OTP Verification.

Step 1: Open This website : Get OTP for Netflix From Here

Now create an account by registering here.

Step 2: After registering, you have to add funds to it to purchase the number.

How to add balance Credit to purchase number for verification ?
> Move cursor on right top corner and click on Top up balance.

You will see there are many(Payment Gateway) option to add balance :

yandex money
Bank card
So you can choose payment gateway according to your choice.

For Indian Users there are 2 payment gateway – PayTM & UPI

I will show you ,How to add balance by UPI.

UPI Fee (Fee – 2.9% + 0.35 USD)

Select UPI > Enter the amount[USD] of payment > Click on Accept

You will redirect to UPI payment gateway, fill your upi id > verify it > confirm your payment > Done..

You have successfully added your balance.

Step 3: Now you need to Select Germany Country for Germany Number.

Step 4: Select Netflix and click on it.

Remember : Look how many Numbers(pcs.) available to buy. If it is showing 0pcs, Then you might have to wait.

OK, Now click on Buy Button, if number is not available then this system will attempt to get the number for you and here you need to wait till the number flash on screen.

Step 5: After getting the number, you have 20 minutes to use it. now use this number for netflix otp verification. OTP will come here on website.

You will not charge until you use the OTP. So don’t worry, if you don’t want to use this number then just cancel it and your balance again will be added to your remaining balance.
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